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bles it is almost always the result of syphilis and
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instructive one calling as it does the attention of
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doctrine of direct invasion of the brain by the meningococcus
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I trust the Committee maybe induced to read the evidence
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limp and of asthenia which makes it feeble in its movement when it
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three inches in circumference and coated with hard fecal matter. Two
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Streptococcus viridans can usually be isolated from the crypts of the
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from physics but by analysis and as based especially on
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of Syphilis resolves itself chiefly into one as to the efficiency or
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without much raising of the voice. About four months
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ness prevails among the inhabitants. The immunes have
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simple efficient and cheap. No single article of diet
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rales heard at the base of the lung and increased per
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blanched and the surface was deathly cold and clammy and I could
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apparently is playing an important part in the general welfare of the
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the diaphragm of which they resist the depression and the posture is
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cular cows may contain the tubercle bacillus and when used in the
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cured the food or necessities of others in a group
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from the Guy s Hospital reports undoubtedly depended on effusion
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modern chemists have added several hundreds of other chemical
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sweats accompanied by violent cough and soreness of
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admit of full extension. But the microscopical examination
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upon the circulation of deep seated organs. They relieve the pain of
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hematoidin or bilirubin as a product of the reduction of these substances
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it is that the tumour has become more prominent and the corneal
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The Dog hospital is always full here all diseases injuries
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upon possible malignancy of the internal genitalia.
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In the medical schools of the present in Canada sanitary science
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body. The other which he named Entamoeba histolytica
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uates of to day have been sent forth to practise totally ignorant
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to the tremendous risks of secondary haemorrhage in septic arteritis every
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raw and refined sugars called also treacle and molasses.
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following cases and thinking it desirable to jilace
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gave different tests for albumin and from all the testi
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relatively low among normal young healthy aircrew men at feet sharp
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amination of the blood was absolutely essential but the
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separating it from its insertion through the first incision and was
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equations in which the by products of the reactions are in brackets.
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ties of mucous or muco pus which frequently comes away in such
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probability is left that chance can account for the results. As
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each other. The first prize was awarded to an essay on the clinical
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only preparation which has been adopted by the civil and military hospitals
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