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treatment the manyier in which I have employed it is probably

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tory lesions of the appendix. In cases of affections of the adnexa

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Some of the older writers on medicine make mention of this disease but

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be suggested by the clinical picture. During the interparox

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atrophic muscles regain their activity by successful transplantation.

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by him tropism and how aiming at a synthetic remedy

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sizes the fundamental principle as regards conduct

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know how large the area was in which the pain and thermal senses

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of blood is introduced and after shaking well to prevent coagulation

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to undertake to change them would be fighting windmills.

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appeared. The general health must be attended to by

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a drachm combined with a carminative such as powdered cinnamon in con

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factors is responsible for the symptoms in a given case.

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at some time. When this occurs there is acute auto intoxi

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ings. The solutions are made from rectified meth ene

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modify the rate of the heart will be apt to pass unnoticed

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of artery forceps three of these usually being suf

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appear owing to the contractility of the protoplasm thus

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community from its component parts and then again from

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natural. Some tenderness still respiration now quite tranquil

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little attention but which has appeared to the writer as being

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great suffering in his head of two or three years standing. The marks

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vided and other property of the Association. He shall be custodian of all

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otoscope with an ear spoon. If any wax remains on the ear

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ally that they occasion it. Still they cause delirium ol

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Winter Session will begin Wednesday October ist and

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by mastoiditis have been reported Goldstein Whitehead t It

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ness. The changes appear to be largely due to increase in the periarticular

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The instance of the water supply to the Leek Workhouse affords a

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mercurial treatment was thought necessary by his Surgeon

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Measles are embryo tapeworms called from their appearance blad

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saliva possesses amylolytic properties and that when a good sample

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pensate for the absence of hearing. The hearing should be specially

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nexpect dly the patient being free from any cerebral symptoms up to

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Physical Examination. PupiU equal regular. Argyll Robertson knee jerks