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elderly and convalescent patients. It was anticipated at the

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curiously allied to those of exophthalmic goitre. Indeed together

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the disease and the results obtained by the nitrate of lead treatment.

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addition to the ordinary rations of convalescent patients. He was

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Hygiene of pregnancy. Treatment of ills accompanying pregnancy.

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generally such is the case. The patient complains of some dryness

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headache the pleasurable flow of happiness which seems to

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thing. The rationale he thinks is i that it wakes up a

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When fed with a medicine dropper he would make an attempt to

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which involves mental or corporeal exercise or in that which affects the

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According to the observations of Professor J. F. Schouw

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The divergence of opinion that exists in reference to

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efficacy of sulphuric acid in diarrhoea I had determined to test its

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any inconvenience. Other patients complain of pain anaesthesia dolorosa

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conducted St. Francis Hospital in East Fifth street

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horse serum powder solution equivalent to ten c. c. of fresh

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influence other than tliat of the mere intoxication attendant

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the escape of the cerebro spinal fluid. Several cases notably Duncan s

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Syncope indeed may kill as quickly as lightning but the term

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