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cians that we owe almost the whole of our knowledge of the morbid

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pect of the Education of Youth. participated in by Drs.

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Precautions General Symptomatic relief should not delay definitive

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thoracic wall when the ventricle contracts. Although the views of the

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intense. In the aged and in children it is very serious. A

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In corresponding with Advertisers please mention THE MEDICAL AND JSURGICAL REPORTER.

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cows with pure cultures from a case of human diphtheria using a Pravaz

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In certain cases it is superior to forcep because it will

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defecation is a specialized form of visceral muscle sense.

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thigh is more readily controlled by venesection fol

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Figure shows the effect of the temperature on the sterilizing time

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until the patient becomes perfectly water logged. Fi om

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not until I had learned to select the serum specimens

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tube in a lead lined box with an aperture sufficient to

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obliterative thrombosis. Success depends less on the way

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bladder is markedly different from that of the female. In the

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the condition which causes these results is described at page

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arthritis treated in this hospital. Nitrate of potash when given

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sideration. Lactation the responsibilities of mother

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the doorbell. The patient hears the voices only when he pays attention

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addressed to the General Manager at ihe OiBce Great Queen Street W.C.

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As the disease advances the womb the peritonium and other organs

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It is also of interest that some officials of the welfare

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which morbid symptoms chlorodyne seems to have remarkable power.

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Owing to the strict diet prescribed during the tub

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tilage. The whole internal surface is ulcerated of a greyish

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part of the base of the brain the olfactory and ojjtic nerves

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in a state of almost complete imbecility unable to make a single step

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impressed the importance of healthful food and hygienic

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Dr Berry Hart thought Dr Mackness s case of interest. The

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accounts to some extent for the proneness of young children to eczema. Vital

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necessary. In the same way when he comes to Dublin and

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a process which needs scientific precision and atten