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tice of the claims of Dr. Wells. The Paris Medical Society
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a susceptible condition of the cardiac ganglia a true neurosis
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below the tumor. A long incision was made in the linea
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appear swollen rather than tense the reflex irritability is not
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and tympanum consists in dropping three to four drops of
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neal cavity entered. The history of two of the cases
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then the lymphatic gland remains permanently enlarged
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injection of a solution of amino acid into an anesthetized animal. After
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be extracted or cut over so as to permit of such feeding.
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Philadelphia Pa. Illustrated with Engravings and Colored Plates.
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which are susceptible of complete digestion and absorption tend to occasion
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ference between the results obtained by these two observers
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and Sternberg found that a solution of one hundred and fifty grains
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Professor of Comparative Anatomy and rbjsiology to the College.
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genius and power from the too charitable medical profession that they only
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caused by some condition which caused human failure. Since Colonel Boynton
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tioned that actinomycosis extends from tissue to tissue
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The oedema and glandular swellings rapidly decreased and three days later
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case of flowing at times other than at their regular periods. Espe
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or younger. By the time children have reached the age of fifteen
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the course of a month became dry whilst the patient grew stout