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over the left inguinal region superficial to Poupart s ligament. A

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tionale of the above treatment which he said was refrigerant in the

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is almost always in the femoral vlins. A rare complication is embolism of

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eral direction of the course of these fibers is indicated because of

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mended by the Medical adviser should be deducted from the

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diseases as of scrofula or phthisis this fact will shed an im

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my house on Sunday with his face flushed and the malarial symptoms

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especially constructed for the purpose. A silver speculum

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land may be accepted as the leader though his following I

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where he has been serving as health officer for the

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the vagina or from chancres amp c. and therefore require differ

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distinction externally between small and great intestine in the bat Euro

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drawing the needle the orifice in the skin is closed with

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Leprosy is a chronic disease caused by the bacillus Lepra and

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Of course for accurateness of results to compare with those of another

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work and made only weekly or semi weekly visits to the camps where

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Much attention has been bestowed of late on the difference which exists

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of temperature may be wanting. Leyden mentions the case of

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ileum is directed obliquely upwards the form of the end is changed

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lish race have inflated the reputation which the careful

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witnessed several examples. How are we to account for this

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much of starch is converted into dextrose in the fifteen to forty five

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ure or fiasco of it then think it over after the fol

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reaches the inferior surface of the cerebellar hemisphere over which it

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in cold water swells slightly in acetic acid and is

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removal by caustics may be less than after removal by the

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inventions to the public. They are both very excellent and

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has been described as a sign of pleural effusion. Let me explain

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school. Left eye red and deeply injected. Cornea dull

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organisms. A great many instances of food infection panicularly

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tered if necessary and four final tests made i.e. potassium dichro

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all the fibrous connective tissue fragments grew ac

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this series of tests requires some explanation. The figures

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the first stage of inflammation or that of pulmonary engouemcnt.

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With the forceps the carunCie is next seized and raised and by means

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the accounts that the capital stock which had been purchased

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something of his colloquial vivacity. Although he was

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duce physiological symptoms that would be con.sidered patho

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sound above What else but the pleural cavity occupied by

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injury. A large majority of cases begin on the face usually on

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