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has not been confirmed. The local health authorities are

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feeble. Xot being able to swallow pills I ordered the fol

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Lecturer on Medicil Jurisprudence in the Royal Infirmary School of Medicine

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Dr. Vance What part would the phthisis play in treatment of the

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to peal forth paeans of praise to ring out Te Deum. But two

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give rise in the sex glands to the oocytes and spermatids. By

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points in favour of regarding this case as one belonging to the clase

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tion are yet far more developed than would be consistent with the presence

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patient should have rest or exercise depended on his gen

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the left hypochondriac region on deep palpation we feel a well defined

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first place in this treatise because they lead in importance in

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one case recovered by it and I was invariably compelled io have

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cent of lupus cases died of phthisis. Others have found

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dinary measure a pure myotomy should never be performed on account of

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On the first anniversary meeting of the Eoyal Society

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size found in the intestines of the hog and sometimes

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from the death returns affords it seems to me a very doubtful light

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It cannot be denied that a central origin might account for this and

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War of the Rebellion. His condition was truly pitiable

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carbon half a volume of azote and half a volume of hydro

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digitalis and alcohol. Uremic poisoning is the cause of

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is observed that a vessel first undergoes enlargement

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hu sliaped extremity and aliout this are placed radi

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sponding doses of sodium bicarbonate salt solution produce prac

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Histological examination showed the carcinoma of the eye

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means for discrimination between typhoid and cases of sepsis. There

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internally over the abdominal muscles below and the latissimus dorsi

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infective processes at work in so called rheumatoid arthritis

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The sixty sixth annual catalogue of this Institution

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culture another the serum and the fourth is the mixing

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pear in this group of cases or the urine becomes di

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in his account of his travels in Africa remarks that

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mine whether complete division has taken place or not.

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like the clinical value which attaches to deliriuni

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ten days his pulse became quite regular. The action of

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heart attains very great size the muscles are firm for the

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are still further accelerated by catalysis their in

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tween middle and inferior curved lines insertion great

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splenomyelogenous leukemia. The percentage of myelo

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ditions. V erzar and Fejer too have given expression to very cogent

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manding a proper solution at the hands of those charged with the direction