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The type in both cases was tertian and was readily controlled by the.
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patients. Each case should be studied individually
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cant of gastric dilatation are absent in over distention of the intestines.
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Romans did fo is evident from Virgil redit in praecordia
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mal. The knee jerk was absent even with reinforcement. Efforts to
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changes probably resulting from toxemia explain the profound muscular
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peculiar sensation of numbness to extend along the arm and
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brought the human organism into an unclean and disgusting contact
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divided into three parts. The first is devoted to the anxiety
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Table presents the results of analyses of the stools of the type
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the death rate of this class of patients under medical
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affection viz Acute Chronic Simple Scrofulous Purulent Granular
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lected from the bladder. Likewise it is important for
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from the vagina which continued for a few days and gradually
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The occurrence of salpingitic colic is a very signifi
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system in large doses one case is recorded in which sixty grains
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From general hospitals or hospital ships through the
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far from designating the truth and taking them in their extremes
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populatiou being actually lower than tlie average..
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by Governor Hastings a trustee of the State Hospital for
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quired if an operation could relieve him but I pointed out that
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The American Association of Oral and Plastic Surgeons will hold
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dimensions of the skull. Calcarea again is yet more especially indicated.
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From these facts I am satisfied that goitre does not arise
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unhealthy suppurations and local sloughings which are set up