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Wind of a Shot. The following extract from an Indian letter con
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Dot be certain that the effect which follows the administra
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insertion front of base of styloid process of radius
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gests until Ireland had been divided into districts for sanitary purposes.
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There is one point I wish to emphasize and that is the
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to young Burnham Porter grew with years and many happy days did the
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Assistant Physician to the Westmiaster Hospital London.
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ances formerly used to facilitate the surgeon in his work
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tissue interspaces is greatly increased hence the swelling and as
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whole process run in direct opposition to each other. There is how
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enlarged. There was neither thickening nor induration of the
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of the slightest protrusion it becomes deflected in a
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much above normal where the pulse is not out of proportion
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is increased and yet though heavier than the normal lung the affected
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great epidemic calamities such as have been frequently observed in
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those acquirements which can only be learned at considerable disad
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after which the fluid is transferred to a hydrogen electrode and CH
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From April until November when the final neurological examina
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appears each year with an epidemic character and it has
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of their offspring be taught the dangers and crippling effects of the unchecked
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The events of Dr. Pruyn s life were briefly as follows Born at
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heavily. On the day before he was brought to the Hospital he
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has often been demonstrated that a patient suffering from psychogenic deafness
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he holds the reins of a team of horses. This illusion
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mond Park and once he caught a buck and tied one of its
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circumstances we refrained from using the lancet or leeches
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fibrinous pneumonia and in basing his conclusions on a comparison
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