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from any congestion or swelling. On employing suction
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this group withstand a general anesthetic without any
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later on the hair in the regions exposed develops without
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not sometimes well founded reasons for investigatic
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may be produceiji by the irritation of scratching. Mercury sulphur and
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alkaloids veratria and veratroidia the latter was sup
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nervous irritability which condition is termed iodism.
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dose was repeated followed vrithin forty eight hours
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Hagatz St. Moritz etc. baths included cost eight to ten
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An electrode which is wrapped nearly to its distal end Fig. and used
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fourth stage. If it be wished to produce the unconsciousness of the
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liable to occur during the puerperium b What is the
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juftly expedl and require worihip and obedience from him fince alfo the
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admitted to the surgical ward for suppuration in the
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from the intestine but were especially high at the time when
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have usually employed is illustrated in Fig.. Very fine
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round up all the school children and shut up all the car
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appearance and nothing abnormal could be found except in the parts
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from faecal impaction in the aged or in younger women
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be at once withheld and there should be no compromise with the
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eration. A smal hematoma while it may not tear asunder the
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Heart Edward J. a t. a native of Ireland was admitted into the
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of the general condition of the patient for it shows
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Oranulations scattered over the surface of the liver and spleen. Ko
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the House of such committees as may be deemed expedient
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sequence is that the left ventricle and the right ventricle are pushed
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Lamellar or zonular cataract is said at p. to occur in
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cylindrical and saccular bronchiectasis pneumonia pul
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from the mixing of these two chiefs of disinfectants.
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severed from each other. Wherever large masses of men
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Its clinical features were fairly accurately described by many of the older
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It is generally only a symptom of disease particularly
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ments to the General Officer Commanding the Division and
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and confirmation ma be had by means of microscopic exami
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