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the overseer of the poor. This bill has received the

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posed to restrain or even arrest the lacteal secretion. It

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ject of more conjecture than that of tlie circulation

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cess of its evolution. While the clinical picture of leprosy in its

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midwifery cases. If some of the terrible experiences which

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may pass centripetally through diseased channels and

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taken between the sciences and other knowledge which has been followed since.

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scribe certain general manifestations of renal diseases that are more or

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of scarlatina. He reports forty three cases treated without a death. Half an

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tax upon this child first in the way of an operation

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much talent and perseverance that he simultaneously gained

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takes place through the action of vasoconstrictor and vasodilator nerve

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reveals peculiarities in the intimate structure and composition

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of the presence in the blood of unsplit undigested protein of

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From the changeable nature of these waters we must also

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Labor must have served to activate some of the strepto

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believe to have been at once false in science and contrary to

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increased and the cure rendered more complete. The time for tapping

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good appetite. An abdominal section was subsequently performed

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clinical types of the infection. One the severe type in

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and now numbers more persons than there are beds in the

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maintain the narcosis with a terminal anesthetic of alcohol chloro

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only be obtained when it is located within the reach of the

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well illustrated by the records I have given very acute

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while it supports the yielding spine. With the grow

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Reflex Irritations. These act rarely in causing the disease but they

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that a more efficienl educational service could be conducted for the blinded

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among which may be mentioned that by means of intestinal antiseptics such

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revision on previous occasions. Most parts of it have received