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growth. As a rule the cancerous alveoli are large and close together uA

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tion which claimed that they represented the Farmers Alliance

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for as above stated the morbid process may begin anywhere in the continuity

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death. In protracted cases red brown or black patches and

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The Thallin salts are therefore active antipyretics

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walls of the blood vessels as do the leucocytes by diapedesis. Jaccoud admits

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physicians who agreed in pronouncing it to be a case of

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least a portion of it is the homologue of the uterus

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inoculations Kitt but only in cases where the inoculating material is known

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longer be reproduced. Baldness of this kind is necessarily permanent.

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in wet grass and freshly fallen snow and the hardening

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animals contains a hemolysin which may be activated by lecithin anti

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Oskar Klotz of Montreal made this interesting demon

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thae coalesce and produce one large spot. The cause is