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vaginal mucous membrane frequently extending to the uterus.

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ing from rheumatism. No history of paralysis or of fits is in the

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transmission of irritating fluids from the interior

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cular inflammation of the liuigs inflammation of the

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even when it exists in abnormal quantities in the circulating fluid.

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sistency and the situation of neighboring organs and the pres

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that is that in the great majority of cases of strabismus the

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medical literature was unable to find any description of

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to say about those things in their writings I think

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out a single death a freedom from mortality that at

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ever it seems to me acknowledge with Chvostek and numerous

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was the preferable method of treatment in malignant cases.

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ease of this part. The morbid conditions were as follows Sarcoma in

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of calomel but if you give mercury in small and repeated doses it

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vations on patients in I Hopital de la Salpetriere

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vision of Vital Statistics of the Bureau of the Cen

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finger could be passed along a canal lined by mucous

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tlood in the anterior chamber at the end of the week remains

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cellular tissue. Such cases under such treatment as that described

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with the string of paper dolls which some kind relative

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eration. Most surgeons would say that they were really

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changes in the membrane. The general methods of diagnosing middle from

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verted into a lithopsedion. Hardening of a tissue by

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the inflammation extends from adjoining structures the sheath

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sions of the sources and authorship of the early books of the Old

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without feeling chilled and is necessitated to sit by a

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ed secure it to the neck of the bladder anteriorly

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Violent abdominal pain cannot be set down to simple indigestion

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which pass into the portal circulation but the major portion remains in the

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cellular tissue. Such cases under such treatment as that described

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your office they will be furnished with directions for the

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teeth as shown by x ray may lead to chronic joint disease.

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full of rheumatism throughout. It was supposed in this