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into the crural. Further examination showed that the

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extirpating the tumour. Professor Langenbeck however

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and a finely granular black precipitate appears in the suspension.

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Genuine angina pectoris is a disease of middle or advanced life.

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statement. We do not partake of the enthusiasm of a medical friend who

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or the supraspinatus fossae. He intermitted the treat

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Muscle tests show right hyperphoria of from to centrad

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agement of this important class of patients relates to their

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respirations weight stones lbs. the knee and lungs were

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plasma and from the epithelial cells of the convoluted tubes become

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five weeks. Albumin milk contains per cent proteid

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interest and is I believe the first in which disability has

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the small hours of the morning hence it is important to

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and subsided as it might do in a normal individual

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more than at any time in the past do people inquire

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ment. If either means were admitted infection should take

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tlie author discusses and rejects the theory of secretion

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History The specimen was obtained from the right Fallopian tube

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base to each granule and which we find in all stages

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pressure. The color of the spots on the surface of the body is

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case there had been a recurring or almost continual

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greatest celebrities their scientists artists poets musicians

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minuted of Splintered fracture of the inner table. In

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