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tetanus had previously appeared. Since that time no case of

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recurring colds associated with obstinate bronchitis is quite suggestive in

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affections. They all illustrate irritation of the uveal

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the respiratory center of the newborn babe we appeal to

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description of the male worm found by Saboia and Bourne s description of

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trouvent pas ces vers dignes de figurer dans les biblioth ues

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thrombosis has taken place and thus produce the scattered solitary

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may conclude that printed book plates were of German origin The

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Caton recommends a. systematic plan of treatment P rolonged rest in

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of Experimental Surgery at the Laboratory of Physiology

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no visceral injury. Left ovary shrivelled and adherent.

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or four days. The axillary glands are swollen and there

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Table i shows the number of Medical Corps officers procured through the

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four hours failed to disinfect spore bearing organisms.

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the large private departments of many of the hospitals.

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The general treatment involves the same principles as do the continued fevers.

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of hemotoxin production may be ascribed to the presence of metabolic

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virulence of the organisms from each case was determined as soon as

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necessary in order that the children would not be com

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lesions. Such lesions then may come first by direct impingement and

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always may be seen clustered about the smaller blood vessels

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it is in most cases of parturition and salutary as it

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beyond doubt to be Klebs Loefiler s by producing the disease in animals.

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blood. The impoverishment of the blood is further augmented by

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enterocolitis almost exclusively with drugs. Drugs are of course of value

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thiee kinds I. The ligaments or suspensory apparatus

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visit ascertain whether your previous directions have

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carcinoma if the entire vagina had to be removed it is necessary

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six cases of a mild type were discovered at W ilson

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to receive food and absorb it recovery will ensue if

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injections of cold water were directed to bo employed

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There may be a tumefaction of the tissues of the neck

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Made clinical diagnosis of diphtheria and injected

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ened. This conclusion is corroborated by the fact that the hos

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cedure reduced the tendency to shock. Crile had shown

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