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through which the urine is.allowed to escape after which the
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ployment of medicines. It is therefore a rule which should never be
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thoughts of anterior nephrotomy could be entertained.
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mission the result of whose labours I earnestly hope may be to obtain
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Surgical Out patient Department. Under supervision the student takes
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lend a fascination to the records of beliefs that once were
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confess that such terminations of one attack do not
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of causing depilation by X rays as in ringworm of the scalp.
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nervous tract. He endeavors to show First that acute pneumonia is
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Since then he has continued well and the limb has quite
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larger and serial advertisements on application to Messrs.
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where they could bekejit under intelligent observation.
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treatment for lithiasis was instituted. The duct became
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and eruptive condition of the throat and the lining mucous
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The number of poisonings by phosphorus have very much
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means proof that tuberculosis of the lungs does not exist.