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it is absolutely essential that the soldiers shall be

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Lumbar puncture reveals an increase of the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Those in which organic disease of the uterus or its

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is so sore that they cannot graze. They should be fed on

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A somewhat generalized peritonitis may be followed by a matting together

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very plain whereas if the character of the disease was

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and secondly on post mortem examinations we often find miUary tu

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brane of the mouth and fauces those aphthous spots degene

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The number of impediments and diseases for which it was

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but there had been moderate pain along the spine and a well marked

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the last century the term was extended to signify any sudden interstitial

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by the various lawyers. The court should absolutely rul

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the medical profession who recognized it as a proper

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on a concrete basis of efficiency before it can be of

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spinous injection of pneumolytic serum was likewise

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rence in the bacillary form. The lesions which characterize

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and the white corpuscles increased in severe cases to the point

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ally not serrated and about the size of a lentil rarely larger

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out. I am much more inclined fco attribute it to one of two

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on which the so called Pasteur treatment of hydrophobia is based

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rectal tube. This will be efficacious when there is fecal reten

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yet the effect on the patient is described as simply

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and this redness increased towards the bottom of the trachea.

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quickly come the person affected may die in convulsions.

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Sensory troubles do not form a part of the cHnical picture of insular

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partly no doubt because of nutritional derangement.

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or injuries of bones and joints in order to bring out all

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baby cried unless it was much emaciated and very apa

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It may be enlarged or atrophied nodular and furrowed.

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tive to its continuous power as a caustic by forming a sort

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stitution expressed by the lesions of the dermis and mucous membrane

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friction sounds which two days before were very loud corres

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well stretched in the direction of the spinal cord.

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ber cord at least two millimetres in diameter. It must

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precede mortification in cases of anthrax and malignant car

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sometimes of the liver and pancreas often follow the more acute

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could not be distinguished from that of pyloric con

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do so the end of the instrument escaping into the rectum.

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the first application of this along the dorsal and lum

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education and superintendent of the public schools of

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Fraenkel s method may be employed with benefit in all

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