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rities to forbid their employment likewise in all secondary affections
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castor oil or some other mild purgative. If on the contrary the
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Health before the New York State Medical Association
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salutory if not excessive. Cool or cold abdominal compresses and
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needle of a large hypodermic syringe antitoxin syringe is thrust
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well founded but also the only logically tenable one.
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In establishing the degree of responsibility or immorality we can
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woman died after a most virulent general peritonitis
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paralyzed limbs. This symptomatic hemichorea has all the characteristics
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greater the following distress. The kind of food does not influence
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and the Medical Board in October shows that Dr. Telfer
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method several times using grain cocain suppositories
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ever arsenic alone was employed and then only when all other treat
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kidneys. A larger quantity of urine is evacuated dur
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Those students who have taken the degree of Bachelor of
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vigor and as to its presence with other symptoms. I
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ing the kidney to excrete when it is diseased. The fact that when
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physicians because busy practitioners refuse to listen
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shattered into pieces on the surface of the water and
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twenty four hours for two weeks then after a week s in
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assured them that in this as in all cases of duty resolutely
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and painful swelling of udder. Quantity of milk decreased quality not
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dust. Any increase in the amount of carbonic acid in the
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followed by fever which lasted twenty four hours. Dur
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the spittoons are liberally distributed wherever the consumptive
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ectasis are too real to be disregarded. It has been
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mately associated with you men and I believe I know you.
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considered inadvisable on account of the patient s poor
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little sympathy from either the medical profession or the laity.
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Technic. The skin incision is best made after the manner
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than in women and is more common between the ages of twenty
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